Lasik, The Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK is an eye surgery which helps correct near sightedness, far sightedness and cylinder powers of your spectacles. LASIK surgery is an FDA approved, safe, and effective way to treat many vision correction problems. Your cornea (outermost layer of your eye) can be too steep causing nearsightedness, too flat causing farsightedness or football-shaped causing you to have cylinder powers (astigmatism). These spectacle powers can be corrected by changing the shape of your cornea.


Measures 1257 micro- refractions over 7mm pupil which is 25 x more precise than normal traditional glasses refraction. This machine we use to take measurement before lasik surgery for accurate number correction.

Zeiss MEL 80 Lasik Machine

Zeiss MEL 80 Lasik Machine that follows the eye motions in three dimensions to capture more than 99.4% eye movements. So even if the patient moves his/her eye during laser fire, number gets corrected accurately.

Excimer Laser System is able to offer highly precise, customized laser corrections through cutting-edge advances in technology. It helps to Garner the following advantages

  • Iris registration technology – allows more precise alignment of the laser treatment to ensure more accurate and precise laser treatment
  • The first system to have automatic centering to the pupil, which ensure more accurate placement of the laser treatment
  • Variable laser spot size of 0.65mm to 6.5mm. This allows for faster correction along with less unnecessary tissue removal.
  • Variable repetition rate of treatment, to allow faster treatment.
  • Active eye-tracking – tracks the eye faster than the eye can move.

More tissue-saving than other LASIK machines. Because more cornea tissue is preserved, the procedure is safer with less long-term risks. Higher degrees may also be corrected, meaning that it allows for a greater range of LASIK treatment and a higher chance of patients achieving spectacle-freedom.

How Lasik corrects your vision: To reshape your cornea, your LASIK surgeon creates a flap of tissue in the outer layer of your cornea and uses a laser to remove microscopic cells in the layer below. Your spectacle powers and other measurements of your eyeball which are taken before the Lasik procedure are entered into an FDA approved computer laser system. The laser system is thus able to effectively guide your lasik doctor in reshaping your cornea during your LASIK procedure.

This reshaped cornea can now allow the light entering your eye to be precisely focused on the back of the eye (called the retina) to obtain sharper vision. Your Lasik surgeon then puts the flap back in place and gradually as your eye heals, you can experience clearer vision…all thanks to a procedure that takes just a few minutes!

LASIK painlessly improves your vision to reduce, and in most cases eliminate your need for eye glasses or contact lenses. You can begin seeing the results of the LASIK procedure usually within the first 24 hours.

Custom Lasik, for your unique eyes:

There are various types of Lasik technologies like PRK, LASIK and Custom Lasik. Custom LASIK uses wavefront Technology to measure the way light travels through your eye. This technology performs a detailed analysis of your eye before your Lasik Surgery at Happy Eyes Lasik Center in Kalyan. Custom Lasik recognises the fact that every person’s eye is unique. Traditional LASIK relies on feedback from less detailed measurements. During Custom LASIK procedure, a comprehensive map of your eye is created. This helps to customise the application of laser according to your unique eye measurements.

Custom Lasik, the better Lasik: Custom LASIK treats lower-order aberrations namely nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism (as done in conventional Lasik) as well as higher-order aberrations (something that is not possible with conventional Lasik). This provides Custom Lasik with the added advantage of minimizing complications such as halos, glare and starbursts that are a common side effect of conventional Lasik. Custom Lasik has the potential, in certain cases, to provide even better vision than is possible with contacts or glasses.

Enhanced Speed: This enables our lasik surgeons at Happy Eyes Lasik Center, Kalyan to perform the procedure very quickly and effectively and with enhanced patient safety.

Wider Eligibility: The previous Lasik eye procedures could treat a limited range of spectacle powers in patients. However, with the Zeiss MEL 80 Laser vision correction system, your Lasik surgeon at Happy Eyes Lasik Center in Kalyan can now offer spectacle power removal surgery to the broadest range of patients.

iDesign Pre-LASIK Work Up: The Zeiss MEL Laser System has another added advantage of an advanced Pre Lasik Work Up. A Pre Lasik Work Up helps determine various measurements of the eye which are later used when the laser is applied to the eye during Lasik Eye surgery. iDesign is the next generation, highly sophisticated Lasik work up technology which obtains five different parameters of Pre Lasik Surgery eye tests.

It is this data which is acquired through these eye tests that is utilised to customise the laser treatment for your unique eyes. On considering the results of this iDesign Pre Lasik Work Up, your laser eye surgeon can ensure precise outcomes of the lasik surgery.

The Zeiss MEL 80 Laser System is designed to bring Advanced CustomVue laser correction to life. This laser vision correction system features new technologies like VSS or Variable Spot Scanning technology and VRR or Variable Repetition Rate which is a pulse packing algorithm. Thanks to these technologies, the Zeiss MEL 80 Laser vision correction system reduces the thermal effects of the laser on the outermost portion of the eye, the cornea.

Presbyond Laser blended vision

ZEISS PRESBYOND combines the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery with the benefits of increased depth of focus while retaining visual quality. Based on spherical aberrations, which naturally occur in the eye, it extends the scope of customized ablation beyond the limits of conventional monovision laser methods.

CRS-Master or Refractive Workplace

  • Binocular treatment planning
  • Remote treatment planning

Customized treatments

  • Micro-anisometropia
  • Preoperative spherical aberrations
  • Functional age of the eye

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