Eye Lasik surgery is a common approach people adopt for the correction of vision problems. It benefits correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Eye Lasik surgery reshapes the cornea so that the image forms on the correct point at the retina. Am I a suitable candidate for Eye Lasik surgery? The procedure is appropriate for many. However, eye specialists may not consider you a suitable candidate for it if you are younger than 18 years of age, as your eye muscles are still in the process of taking shape and adjusting. Nursing mothers are also not suitable candidates for it. Sometimes a person may have eye conditions like glaucoma, dry eyes, a thin cornea that prevents him from undertaking eye LASIK surgery. People suffering from health conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis need a thorough consultation and diagnosis by experts before LASIK surgery. Know Eye Lasik surgery better Eye LASIK surgery has high success rates and has low results showing complications leading to vision loss. Visual problems that people report after surgery, like glare, are temporary and often go with time. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes. Numbing drops help to desensitize the eye. Precise instruments facilitate cutting corneal flap that allows access to part of the cornea that needs reshaping. Laser beams reshape part of the cornea and help you have better vision. Feeling itchy, gritty, and watery eyes will remain for few weeks. Initially, vision remains hazy. It takes three to four months for eyesight to stabilize. Regular visits with eye specialists are essential to avoid the risk of infection or other discomforts affecting the vision.